The Bookkeeping Artist

Money Mentor for the Artist Entrepreneur

Why Hello, Superstar

I’m Katherine Pomerantz, the original Bookkeeping Artist. I help creative entrepreneurs pursue their passion full-time by changing the way they think and feel about money.

First Lesson – Bookkeeping is actually fun! How can it not be? It is the key to turning your unique skills into a profitable business.

That’s why I started the Bookkeeping Artist. I get to play entrepreneurial sidekick alongside your successful superhero business story. Woohoo! Let’s get creating!

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How I Leapt From Artist to Entrepreneur

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How It Works

Get Educated

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on fancy degrees or expensive gurus to become a savvy business owner…

Step One – gobble up the great, FREE resources on the BKA blog instead. Get inspired, and learn how better bookkeeping could be the missing secret ingredient for your profitable business plan.

Get Empowered

The most successful bookkeeping systems are as unique as the businesses they serve. Oh, and they’re kind of fun too!

Now that you understand the benefits of great bookkeeping, take Step Two – claim your free strategy session. Together we’ll analyze your current financial state and build a custom profit strategy for your creative business.

Get Support

Bookkeeping – To most people it’s boring. It’s tedious. In fact, it’s a major pain in the butt!

But if you’ve reached Step Three, you know great bookkeeping is the missing link between “just a side business” and a “wildly profitable success story!”

Check out all the great bookkeeping services that can help you get there.

Don’t just Take My Word For It…

“I knew that the bookkeeping for my nonprofit left something to be desired. Katherine helped modernize and standardize our bookkeeping situation. She put the goals and ambitions of our nonprofit front and center. It really helped set the tone for our financial plans and where we want to go in the future. Now I feel more prepared and organized, and I know that as we grow and change in the future, we’ll be prepared to make those transitions more smoothly.”

Sarah King Bartell

Chairman, Namron Players Theatre

“Working with Katherine and the Bookkeeping Artist has been a great experience! As a dance studio owner I am kept very busy. With The Bookkeeping Artist I know that the financial part of my business is always taken care of and one less thing for me to worry about! I know that my business is in great hands- and your studio will be too!”

Tristin Richardson

Owner, Winddancer Studios

“The best thing about working with Katherine is that she is very personable. She walks you through everything step by step and makes you a part of the process as much as she can. I definitely worked outside of my comfort zone… and I was a little intimidated and unsure of where to start but Katherine eased my apprehension by walking me through it and allowing me to give input. After I found BKA I was more confident.”

Lanaia Lorett

Recipient of International Grant to Study Music