5 Tricks to Boost Your Brand on Instagram (and Make Some Sales)
By Kristin Brause – KristinBrause.com

Hi Superstar,

Here on the Bookkeeping Artist, I talk a lot about taxes and profits. I help creative entrepreneurs develop a healthy relationship with their money and then teach them to work that money into an online empire.

It is a well known fact that money begets money IF you understand the strategies behind good business. I have a whole blog to help you become a money-savvy CEO, however. What I don’t have (and what many of you have asked for) is strategies that help you make more money in the first place!

Old hats at the Bookkeeping Artist know this is called Revenue. Although it’s important to remember that businesses do not run on revenue, making more sales and increasing your income is an important part of building a healthy business. You were right too, Superstar. I have been neglecting this important topic!

To rectify this, I enlisted the help of fellow online entrepreneurs who were already experts at sales and marketing. These amazing business leaders kick absolute butt when it comes to building revenue and they were happy to share their secrets with the BKA blog.

First up is Kristin Brause. She’s an Instagram goddess who has mastered the art of good branding to drive sales. Kristin, take it away!

5 Tricks to Boost Your Brand on Instagram (and Make Some Sales)

Instagram is a visual platform that is great if you’re a creative entrepreneur, blogger or small business owner looking to boost your brand through social media marketing. In fact, Instagram is THE social media channel to extend your brand’s reach and grow your business. But how do you use Instagram successfully to generate leads, find new clients and yes, even make sales?

Having worked as a digital art director in some of London’s top advertising agencies, and created work for global brands, I can tell you the best way to boost your brand is – by being top of mind with your audience. You see, on Instagram it’s not about who has the best products or services but WHO comes to mind first.

I’ve put together 5 tricks to help you boost your brand awareness on Instagram (these are exact same tricks I used to grow my tribe from zero to over 1k and make my first sales).

Ready? Let’s go.

1. Boost Your Brand – Know Your Audience

The success of your brand really comes down to knowing who you are trying to serve. Think about what motivates your audience. What are your audience’s goals? What values does your audience have? Why have they come to your brand or Instagram in the first place?

Finding your tribe is the first piece of the puzzle. The better you understand who your brand is trying to serve, the easier it will be to create content and attract the right people. (If you need help, I’ve got a free worksheet to find your tribe.)

2. Boost your brand – Solve a problem for your audience

Once you know who you are serving, try to understand their pain points and struggles.

Usually your audience is just like you, but a few years back. So, put yourself in their shoes. Think back to when you were in the exact same position. What did you do to turn things around?

Brainstorm content ideas that solve your audience’s problem and position your brand in the sweet spot. Remember, your audience is looking for a fast-track to solving their problem. Use your bio to tell your audience how YOUR brand can help THEM.

(I made my first sales through Instagram because I provided a solution to my audience’s problem.)

3. Boost your brand – Tell a story

Instagram is huge on visual storytelling, which is one of the reasons why IG is the fastest growing social media platform out there. People want to be part of brands’ stories that speak to them.

When I talk about stories, I don’t mean bed time stories or fairy tales. I mean telling stories with your visuals instead of just chucking random images at your audience hoping they’ll stick. Always consider your next few posts collectively rather than just thinking of your current post. And always consider how your audience fits into your story.

The better your brand is at telling a visual story, the more people it will resonate with. And the more people it resonates with, the quicker you’ll be able to grow your following.

4. Boost your brand – Sell a lifestyle, not a product

Instagram is virtually advertising-free, which means brands had to come up with different ways of selling.

One of the best working strategies out there is to sell a lifestyle or feeling, rather than selling your products directly. Focus on how your audience would feel if they had your product in their lives.

The easiest way to sell a lifestyle is to mix inspirational or motivational quotes in your feed amongst posts for your product or service. I landed my first sales through Instagram by selling a feeling, and in my course BYBOI I demonstrate exactly how you can do that for your brand.

5. Boost your brand – Create your visual style

You want your audience to recognize your brand. So, you need to make it as easy as possible for them to remember your visuals. How?

Find a few key visuals that are true to your brand. Create a simple visual strategy with repetition to ‘brand’ your audience’s mind. You don’t want your feed to look cluttered but recognizable. Believe me, it’s the ultimate brand-booster when people recognise your visuals in a feed of hundreds of other competing images.

I really hope you’ve enjoyed those tips. I can help you boost your brand on Instagram and take it to the next level – find out more here.

Kristin Brause

Kristin Brause


Kristin Brause has been obsessed with brands from the age of 5, and has worked at some of London’s top digital advertising agencies as a digital art director, creating kickass campaigns for global brands. She has won awards for her work and learnt from the best. Now she’s on a mission to teach female entrepreneurs + bloggers kickass tips to build an online brand on Instagram.

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