What Financial Health Means to Me

Hey Superstar,

You know me. You know I’m a bookkeeper and money mentor for creative entrepreneurs. You know I want to help you find freedom and profit by changing the way you think and feel about money.

What you don’t know is what my life was like before I started the Bookkeeping Artist. You don’t know why I became a bookkeeper.

It’s not something I often talk about. As a business owner, I’m much more inclined to share how AWESOME my life is and how AWESOME your life could be too if you hire me. But today is #FinHealthMatters Day. Today, we need to talk about the importance of financial health.

I’m not just talking about the importance of your business’ financial health. I want your business to be successful only because I want you – wonderful, creative, superstar you – to be successful. I want you to find the freedom you crave in your personal life.

The Bookkeeping Artist therefore teaches you to focus on your finances because money is freedom. With enough money you have the freedom to move to a better house, take that exciting opportunity, and build the life you’ve always wanted. Your financial health is part of your personal health. Therefore I’m going to share to my personal struggle with money monsters and show you why that matters.

So, why did I became a bookkeeper? Because I used to obsess about money.

This was not a healthy obsession. No, money was my worst enemy. It was my arch nemesis. It was the monster under my bed ruining my dreams and keeping me up at night.

Of course, money monsters come in many shapes and sizes. Some monsters make us spend recklessly. They make us think a shiny new toy will fix our heartache. Other monsters tell us to neglect saving for our health and future. My particular money monster did not send me on a rampage with a credit card nor did I lose all my money gambling, but it made me miserable all the same.

Like I said, I was consumed by money. I was obsessed with counting every little dollar and cent. Every expense had to be justified. Every spare penny had to be squeezed into my savings account. I was only concerned with “having enough” and terrified that someday I would be bankrupt by tragedy. Fear made me selfish.

Ironically, I was just as trapped by my savings account as others are by their debt. I wouldn’t pay for anything beyond basic necessities and I missed many opportunities as a result. I passed on friendships and adventures. I stagnated my career because I wasn’t willing to accept unpaid opportunities or take risks. My meager amount of money made me feel safe, but that life was hardly worth living.

Eventually my artistic career became too hard and I gave up. I became a bookkeeper. I was a nice, stable accounting position and I prepared to hunker down there for the next 30 years. As a bookkeeper, however, I worked alongside many successful entrepreneurs and I started to notice something. The most successful people weren’t plagued by money monsters the way I was.

Instead of worrying about money, successful entrepreneurs wielded their money like weapons. They used money to slay their fears and defeat their monsters because they understood a very simple truth. Money itself has no power. It is not scary and it should not plague us. Money is merely a useful resource. We should be willing to invest it and build a life we can be proud of.

I know firsthand how hard it is to slay your money monsters but it can be done. Look at me. I took the biggest risk of them all and invested my savings into my own business. Now I can help other creative entrepreneurs find the same freedom I so desperately craved when I became a bookkeeper.

Entrepreneurship was my answer, but there are many ways to find financial health and freedom. Search for more with #FinHealthMatters and share your favorites in the comments below!

I can’t wait to hear how you defeated your money monsters, Superstar.