Avoiding your bookkeeping?

I mean, why bother? It isn’t tax season!

But are you struggling to earn more money?

Has your income plateaued?

Are you already feeling overwhelmed and overworked, and still have no idea how to pull your business out of this rut?

Making Money Doesn’t Need to Be So Hard!

Bookkeeping is the missing link for your business

Dear Superstar, I know anything in the world seems more fun than number crunching, but great bookkeeping has a whole lot of benefits…

Be STress Free At Tax Time

No More Loose Or Lost Receipts

Exceed Your Income Goals

Actually Understand Your Financial Situation

Be Honest. Do These Thoughts Seem Familiar?

  • “I have no idea how much I made this year. That’s my accountant’s problem!
  • “Whelp, that receipt went missing. Oh well, my bank statement is good enough.”
  • “If I work hard enough, the numbers will take care of themselves!”
  • “I’m a creative. I can’t be bothered with this.
  • “I have no idea what these numbers mean.”
  • “I’m living my dream. But I’m afraid it’s going to fail…

Truth – 50% of small businesses fail within their first five years, but it has nothing to do with their income.


The most successful entrepreneurs prioritize their bookkeeping. They know they need ACCURATE and ORGANIZED records to understand how their business is performing.

But you never went to business school. No one taught you how to get the information you need!

Bookkeeping is essential for all entrepreneurs, but espeically if…

  • You want your business to be working for you. You should be earning a good salary!
  • You want a good return on your investment, with DOUBLE and even TRIPLE profits.
  • You want to make informed financial decisions and plan for the future.
  • You want to easily understand how your business is doing in one simple report.
  • You want all your receipts filed so never need to fear an audit.
  • You want your business to pay taxes on time, every time, whether it’s every month, every quarter, or once a year.

What BKA Offers

Customize Your Bookkeeping Service

Fearless Freelancer Sample Package

Designed for Solopreneurs Who Just Need a Second Set of Eyes
  • Quarterly Accuracy Checks
  • Quarterly Preparation of Financial Statements
  • Quarterly Business Health “Check Ups”
  • Up to 50 Transactions Recorded a Month
  • Up to 2 Bank Accounts or Credit Cards –Reconciled a Month
  • I Track Who Owes You Money (Accounts Receivable)
  • I Pay Your Bills On Time (Accounts Payable)
  • Together, We Work on Your Income Goals and Build a Budget

Rich & Famous Sample Package

Perfect for Dreamers with Big Business Goals - This is the Superstar Treatment
  • Up to 50 Transactions Recorded a Month
  • Up to 2 Bank Accounts or Credit Cards Reconciled a Month
  • Monthly Preparation of Financial Statements
  • Monthly Business Health “Check Ups”
  • I Track Who Owes You Money (Accounts Receivable)
  • I Pay Your Bills On Time (Accounts Payable)
  • Together, We Work on Your Income Goals and Build a Budget
  • A Free Strategy Session Every Month!

How It’s Delivered

The Bookkeeping Artist is 100% online. This makes me FASTER, more ACCURATE, and more ACCESSIBLE than the service professionals you’re used to.

Don’t get up! Right from where you’re sitting you can…

  • Snap and Send all Receipts and Financial Documents
  • Access Your Accounting Software
  • Relax, while your Bank Feeds and Monthly Statements are Uploaded Automatically
  • Receive Email Support AND Video Conferencing from Your Truly
  • Easily Retrieve Any Receipt, Tax Document, or Financial Report with Cloud Based Filing (With 256-bit encryption – that’s security as good as the bank’s!)

Wowzer! Fast and Accurate Delivery, AND I Get to Build a Custom Package?

Yup. Every Bookkeeping Artist Package is customized to deliver the exact bookkeeping services your business needs. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Additional Services as Unique as Your Business…

More than mere data entry…

This isn’t your stereotypical Bookkeeping Service – this the combined power of Data Entry, Multiple Automation Systems, Business Management, Consulting, Coaching, AND Money Mentorship Rolled into One Easy Payment!


Want to Hear the Best Part, Superstar?

Packages Start at Just $199 a Month

(Software Subscriptions Included!)

Bookkeeping is NOT Boring!

Hey now, I’m not going to lord my business expertise over you,

Because not that long ago I was just like you. I had a big, scary dream, but I didn’t know how to make it happen.

Originally, I was going to open my own theatre company. I was going to spend the rest of my life making art! But that didn’t happen. My dream took too much of my time and too much of my money. I gave up. I got a day job instead.

I accepted my first small business bookkeeping job because it felt like they were the only ones who’d have me. My new boss welcomed me on my first day with these exact words:


“You don’t need any skill or talent to do this job. I only hired someone because it’s too tedious to do myself.”


Nice… Superstar, I started the Bookkeeping Artist so you never have to feel the way I did that day. I want to make your dreams a reality.

Because that boss was wrong – bookkeeping is not tedious. It’s not boring and it’s not simple. It only seems that way to the uninitiated.

Bookkeeping is the lifeblood of a profitable business.

When I realized that I had a knack for this “talentless” position, I started taking my own clients. As I became a better bookkeeper (and partnered with business owners who had better attitudes), do you know what I saw? Businesses who used the information I gave them to streamline their product development, cut expenses, and make more money. It was amazing!

That first boss has been through half a dozen bookkeepers since I was there. His business is still struggling.

The clients I work with now are thriving.

So, what’s the secret to being a better business owner? Trust your bookkeeper. You can’t make an informed financial decision without first consulting your records. And all the financial reporting in the world is useless until your bookkeeping is up-to-date and accurate.

With Virtual Bookkeeping you can have this crucial business information faster than ever.

Now tell me how that’s boring?


It is impossible to exaggerate the benefits of GREAT BOOKKEEPING, because BOOKKEEPING touches every aspect of your BUSINESS

As a Bookkeeping Artist Client, You’ll Gain the Ability To:

  • Understand how well your business is (or isn’t) performing
  • Easily identify financial trouble spots and develop strategies to combat them
  • Instantly retrieve any old receipt, bill, or invoice without doing any filing
  • Feel confident you received your complete tax deduction because every business expense is accurately recorded

And Finally Start Making the Money You Deserve!

Who Will You Be Working With?

Meet the Bookkeeping Artist

Hi, I’m Katherine Pomerantz and I’m more than a bookkeeper – I’m a money mentor for artistic entrepreneurs.

I gave up on a creative career to become a small business bookkeeper. Thankfully, I discovered a new passion and was able to launch my own successful business. But Superstar, it was hard. It was hard giving up on my dreams. I never want you to feel the way I did.


That’s why it’s my mission to help aspiring artists pursue their passion full-time by changing the way you think and feel about money.


It starts with great bookkeeping. Revolutionizing this underappreciated tool is the first step to reclaiming your power as a business owner.

But don’t just take my word for it…

Meet Some of the Happy Creatives I’ve Helped

“I knew that the bookkeeping for my nonprofit left something to be desired. Katherine helped modernize and standardize our bookkeeping situation. She put the goals and ambitions of our nonprofit front and center. It really helped set the tone for our financial plans and where we want to go in the future. Now I feel more prepared and organized, and I know that as we grow and change in the future, we’ll be prepared to make those transitions more smoothly.” Sarah King Bartell

Chairman, Namron Players Theatre

“Working with Katherine and the Bookkeeping Artist has been a great experience! As a dance studio owner I am kept very busy. With The Bookkeeping Artist I know that the financial part of my business is always taken care of and one less thing for me to worry about! I know that my business is in great hands- and your studio will be too!” Tristin Richardson

Owner, Winddancer Studios

“The best thing about working with Katherine is that she is very personable. She walks you through everything step by step and makes you a part of the process as much as she can. I definitely worked outside of my comfort zone… and I was a little intimidated and unsure of where to start but Katherine eased my apprehension by walking me through it and allowing me to give input. After I found BKA I was more confident.” Lanaia Lorett

Recipient of International Grant to Study Music

What Will You Accomplish in Just ONE Free Strategy Session?


Why cloud based bookkeeping?

Because I’m hip and with the times, Superstar 😛

But seriously, cloud based systems are your best option as a business owner. You not only get faster results, but the information you need is more secure. Cloud storage usurps paper records and computer hard drives that can be lost or stolen.

It’s also more convenient for you. Out shopping? Snap a picture and send me the receipt. Want to look over your financial reports? Log onto your portal and easily access the information you need. Everything is neatly organized and retrievable at the click of a button. You won’t have to wait until you file your tax return to get the crucial financial information you need to succeed.

In all honesty, until you try the systems I’ve built you won’t understand what you’re missing!

I’m worried about security. Do you work offline?

Do you live five minutes from my house? Then probably not. I gave up commuting from client to client a long time ago.

Look, I absolutely understand the need for security. That’s why I moved to a cloud based system in the first place. I became uncomfortable with the amount of sensitive client information I had stored in my office.

Now, I don’t keep anything confidential on file or on my computer. Someone could break into my home, steal everything I own, and not learn a thing about my clients. YOU keep all YOUR data locked up tight in a secure digital vault.

And we are not talking about your average consumer product here. As a professional and licensed bookkeeper, I diligently research and network with software companies to bring you the latest in accounting tech. I only work with service providers that can guarantee that sweet, sweet 256-bit encryption that banks and government bodies use. Good luck getting through that.

I even go the extra mile and use a thorough encryption procedure on all my devices. If you’d like the details though, you’ll have to schedule a consult. I’m not about to share that kind of information with just anybody.

After all, I’m in this business to make your life easier. If you can’t trust your bookkeeper to have your back, who can you trust?

What software do you use?

I am always researching and networking with software providers to get you the latest in accounting tech. I also take it upon myself to become a licensed user for each in order to net you the best deals and provide the best products for your business.

Currently I use:

  • Quickbooks
  • Xero
  • Hubdoc
  • Smartvault

You never need to renew or update these subscriptions. I include the maintenance of each in the price of your bookkeeping package.

What do the financial statements tell me?

There are three primary financial statements: the Balance Sheet, the Income Statement, and the Statement of Cash Flows.

Together these three reports give you a snapshot of how your business is performing.

Some basic things these reports can tell you:

  • What your business owns – your Assets.
  • Who your business owes money to – your Liabilities
  • Your Net Income – or the “Bottom Line”
  • Where cash is being created, and where it’s being used

Of course, these surprisingly simple reports can tell you a whole lot more. As part of your client onboarding process, you will receive my handy guides and training to understand these crucial documents further. Discussing these reports is also part of your business “Check Ups.”

Are you a nonprofit? Have a shareholder’s meeting coming up? Or do you want to apply for a business loan? I also offer custom financial reports for those who need them. I aim to make your business’ financials as transparent as possible.

Which package do you recommend?

Personally, I like the Successful Studio Sample Package. It’s comprehensive without being overwhelming, and works well for growing businesses.

I also like that it includes monthly financial “Check Ups” rather than quarterly reports. You’re more likely to exceed your income goals with frequent financial insights. The Successful Studio Sample Package is also when I begin recording and reconciling your transactions for you (rather than merely checking your accuracy), therefore it’s the package that saves you the most time as well.

And honestly, isn’t time your most important asset as a business owner? You’re too valuable to your company to constantly update your bookkeeping. Let me do it for you, and who knows what you could accomplish! You could use that extra time to close a sale, work on your product launch, or take a nap.

What? Self-care is important too!

Remeber, Bookkeeping Artist Package starts at just $199 a month.

How do I know which services are right for me?

First, you need to claim your free strategy session. This is not a sales call. This isn’t even a traditional consult. I want to learn all about your business systems and processes. I want to learn about your goals and why you started your business. I want to know you are as a person.

If we hit it off, I will ask for read only access to your financial records. I will then dig into your business’ bookkeeping on my own time, conduct some analysis, and come back to you with a comprehensive report. It will not only include tips to improve your current bookkeeping systems, but also the bookkeeping services I think you’d benefit from in the future.

Katherine, why do you give strategy sessions away for free?

Well, I like to thoroughly vet potential clients. I want to make sure that we’ll work well together BEFORE you commit to my services because choosing the right bookkeeper is like getting married. There needs to be trust. The average Client-Bookkeeper relationship lasts seven years or more, so you have to LOVE who you’re going to work with.

Whether or not you become a client, however, I believe that every entrepreneur deserves this kind of financial expertise. I’m happy to give away what I know if it helps your dreams come true.

Plus, I only let you claim your free strategy session once. Use it wisely 😉

It’s About Your Success as a Business Owner

Get the Information You Need to Make Informed Financial Decisions


Make Your Business Profitable Today

My Final Invitation to You

Thousands of successful entrepeneurs understand the value of great bookkeeping.

Collectively, their businesses have made millions and they’ve been able to make massive upgrades in their lives.

So i’ts not about whether better bookkeeping can help your business. (It can, and the number of successful backyard businesses prove that. Starting small does not mean you won’t be profitable.)

The real questions is… Is the investment worth it you?



It’s YOUR Business and You’re Ready For the Next Step