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Katherine Pomerantz, actress turned accountant, capitalized on her artistic background to create the Chaos Money Framework, a signature tax service for creative entrepreneurs. Her financial expertise has been featured by Buzzfeed, The Penny Hoarder, and the Stacking Benjamins Podcast. Katherine’s unique perspective on money allowed her to open her own accounting firm in less than a year with no previous financial experience. Now, her virtual firm has global reach as she’s helped everyone from ex-pats to international start-ups create profitable businesses of their own. Katherine has become a champion for creative talents in the internet age and relishes debating ethical entrepreneurship over milkshakes and fries. Connect with her at
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Whether your audience is hungry for practical, emotional, or ethical discussions about money – Katherine’s interviews (and custom trainings) get results

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“No one talks about money this way”

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“I’ve never had this much fun with accounting”

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